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Football Speed Training

Prep Training 

Focusing on progressing athletic movement and strength with the introduction of weight lifting and intermediate speed and explosion exercises.

Mental Foundation:

  • Encourage  higher level of work ethic

  • Expand character development

Athletic Development:

  • Core Strength, flexibilty, Endurance intermediate-advance level  exercises(dynamic flexbility drills, full body range of motions development)

  • Intermediate-Advance Lower/Upper body Power and Explosion Strength Enhacement( hang cleans, speed squats, power jumps, medball push-ups)

  • Speed development through utilization of Intermediate Acceleration/Velocity technique drills(bounding, resistance/overspeed drills, vertimax, agility)

  • Agility devlopment through Intermediate-advance exercises( single-double jumps-hops-skips etc...)

Collegiate Training 

Taking mental, physical and motor skills to the next level by maximizing weight lifting, speed and explosion exercises to advance level. Training programs begin during summer and winter breaks.

Athletic Development:

  • Core Strength, flexibility, Endurance advance level exercises(dynamic flexibilty drill, full body range of motions development)

  • Advance Lower/Upper body Power and Explosion Strength Enhacement(Myo-Plex combinations, static squats, vertimax)

  • Speed development maximizing advance Acceleration/Endurance technique drills(turnover drills, overspeed drills, vertimax)

  • Agility Development maximizing advance Plyometric/Velocity technique drills(speed shuffles, change of direction cone drills, explosion planting/jumping drills etc..)

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