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About Us

Tra Lewis

An ex-NFL player and student-athlete at the University of Wisconsin, Tra has dedicated himself to developing athletes in an elite and special way, physically and mentally, to all ages and sports.


BBT Athletics and TCR Sports Performance (Truth, Commmitment & Results) are two companies Tra established solely to help clients produce results in a consistent way. 

As owner of these companies, he has worked with professional athletes in football, volleyball, tennis, etc, as well as hundreds of student athletes and personal clients. His experience, knowledge and unique perspective helps gives clients an incredible edge with their health and fitness goals.

Tra lives his philosophy to changing lives one client at a time and to respect those that put in the work.

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Veronica Kathmann
Sports Performance Coach
Personal Trainer

Veronica boasts a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning, spanning over 20 years. Holding a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Barry University, she has acquired the requisite expertise to cater to a diverse clientele. Her training portfolio includes professional athletes, law enforcement personnel, collegiate and high school athletes, as well as individuals across various age groups and those undergoing cardiac rehabilitation.

In addition to her fitness background, Veronica possesses a strong business acumen, having established and operated a gym in Colorado. Her dedication to training is evident through her coaching style, vibrant energy, and the remarkable achievements of her clients.

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